September 28, 2014


To All of Our Treasured Guests,

This is one of the hardest and saddest letters I will ever write.

As of October 12, 2014, The Rock for Hair and Nails will be permanently closed.  It has been a hard year-and-a-half for the salon, mainly due to big changes in our industry.

Many of you may have already received a letter and/or phone call from your stylists regarding their future location to provide services to you.  I will include all the information I have thus far regarding the stylists' future locations and contact information.  This and any additional information will also be available on The Rock’s website:

I, Kristi Hyde, will be renting a chair beginning on October 23 at Salon DNA, which is located in Pinebrook Plaza (on Hwy 41 where the Outback is).  The address is:  12995 S. Cleveland Ave., Suite 140, Fort Myers, FL 33907.  Since I will be renting a chair, my contact phone number will be my cell number (239) 462-2620.  Please be assured that my guests will be receiving a phone call regarding your future appointments.  I may have to change some appointment times or days due to not having an assistant.  Also, I will be camping from October 15 through the 20.  As the reception is not good in the woods, you can call Salon DNA at (239) 245-8140 and leave a message for me.  I will return your calls at my earliest convenience when I return.

Jordan Napoleon, Molly Dupuie and Nicole Milmont will be sharing a salon studio space at SalonPLEX at 9841 Bernwood Place Drive, Unit 301, Fort Myers, FL 33966.  Jordan Napoleon can be reached at (239) 823-5938, Molly Dupuie at (239) 443-6402, and Nicole Milmont at (239) 826-8465.

Denver Dorsey and Stephanie Ortero will be working at Shine Hair Studio at 13451 McGregor Blvd. #14, Fort Myers, FL 33919.  The contact information for Shine Hair Studio is (239) 362-0253.

I will miss my team--and all of you who will be following them--tremendously.  I will miss    The Rock.  I, and WE, have appreciated YOU and YOUR SUPPORT throughout these past years.  THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY AND OUR HEARTS!


Kristi Hyde












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